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Before you start any building project, doing some homework will help insure the compliance and success of the project. Some things to check into are:
Below we have a few resources to help get you started.
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  • Does my project need a permit?
  • Is my project in a flood zone?
  • How is my property zoned?

Flooding is the most common hazard in Arizona and the United States. Since 2010, Arizona has experienced 116 severe floods. In September 2014, 100's of homes were impacted by flooding statewide.


Arizona floods typically are due to monsoon storms, winter storms, or as a result of heavy rain in a region damaged by fire.

Did you know that Arizona experiences between 40 and 100 floods each year? 

Arizona is home to both regional and flash floods.  While regional floods can involve large and small river systems, it is Arizona’s perennial rivers – the Colorado, Salt, Gila and Verde Rivers – that are most heavily impacted. 


Arizona’s monsoon season, with its predilection for sudden, torrential and localized rainfall, coupled with a landscape incised by thousands of washes and gullies, is ripe for dangerous flash floods. Of particular concern from a floodplain-management perspective is flooding on alluvial fans, where channels diverge downstream and broad areas outside of channels may be inundated in large floods.

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