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Sefton Engineering Consultants was established in 2013, but it’s only the firm’s name that is new.  Luke Sefton has been in the Sedona area for 35 years and has proven performance records and established community relationships throughout the Verde Valley.  Sefton Engineering Consultants is known for its friendly staff and great customer service. 


Sefton Engineering Consultants is a 100% veteran owned company specializing in civil engineering, land planning & development, flood studies, surveying, project design, etc. Our team of experienced Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Planners are known for finding solutions to problems that not only work, but are cost effective, timely and environmentally sound. 


Sefton’s skilled staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and affiliations with local & county governments, enable us to take your ideas from concept to completion in the most thorough and economical way possible.  Our projects include custom tailored, multi-disciplined civil engineering, and land planning services. We take pride in the strong relationships we have developed throughout the Verde Valley and Arizona. We are known to be trusted advisors to our clients, and they appreciate our multidisciplinary, hands-on approach. 


Our established and positive reputation with state and local governments is yet another testament to the success of our coordinated efforts. Our local experience and knowledge of development standards, zoning codes, and review processes, allow us to keep projects moving on schedule and within budget.  We are known for providing cost effective, timely, and environmentally sound solutions to even the most complex projects.


Indian Health Services has used our projects (affordable tribal housing subdivisions) at their yearly Multi-Agency Tribal Infrastructure Collaborative (MATIC), and a few of these projects have received the Housing Hero Award by the Arizona Department of Housing. 


Every project is unique and worthy of personal attention by every employee here at Sefton Engineering Consultants.



We always look forward to what is next!

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